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Frac sand / Proppant

Self Suspending proppant

Resin coated proppant
Ceramic Proppant
Refined silicon sand proppant
Curable coated sand
Anti-backflow proppant
Water Block Proppant

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RCP-S 20/40
RCP-C 20/40
CM 20/40
CM 30/50

BlackGold Equipment LLC is a high end frac sand manufacturer, we manufacture several kinds of frac proppant, including Resin Coated Proppant, Ceramic proppant, Refined silicon sand proppant, Anti-Backflow Proppant, Curable coated sand.

What is Fracturing Proppant?
Fracturing Proppants are used in hydraulic drilling to aide in recovering oil and gas that was previously thought unreachable by conventional drilling methods. As conventional drilling methods have dried up the easily-reached oil and gas, proppants are becoming a sought-after commodity to reach the once unreachable oil and gas. Due to their valuable ability to fracture rock fissures and hold them open, proppants are a valuable tool in the growing hydraulic drilling, or hydrofracing industry. Fracturing Proppants are pumped or injected into wells, fracturing open rock fissures, and holding them open, allowing oil or gas to flow more easily. There are many different types and qualities of proppants.


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